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Why Outch Belongs in Your Home Gym

It's always more enjoyable to break a sweat in the great outdoors, but there are times we are required to squeeze in an exercise at home. Let’s face it, we all have pretty outstretched schedules. It’s no surprise that many Americans cannot find the time to take care of their own health and wellness. If you’re like some of us here at Outch and cannot find enough time in the day to get to the gym or just can't motivate yourself to take your workout inside, then this guide is for you. Setting up your home gym does not have to be complicated. In fact, it’s pretty fun (an inexpensive too).


1. Jump Rope – A jump rope is great for everything from warming up to full cardio sessions to HIIT and agility sets. They’re incredibly inexpensive and versatile, perfect for building an affordable home gym.

Weight Training

2. Kettlebells – Kettlebells can be used for functional arm and leg workouts, big lifts, and/or adding resistance to bodyweight exercises. The size and price are perfect for a home gym setup.

3. Wood Grips – Wood Grips, such as a hang board, are perfect for athletes across all spectrums. Much like a pull-up bar, hang boards allow you to strengthen your back, shoulders, and arms but do not destroy your doorframe! We suggest investing in one of these bad boys if you’re trying to increase your grip strength and all-around fitness.

Full-Body Workout

4. Resistance Bands – Resistance bands help everyone from day hikers to trail runners stretch all muscles and warm up hip flexors. They’re an integral piece of equipment when it comes to building a home gym.

5. TRX – The TRX is a do-it-all device that can hang from any doorway in your home and easily stashes away in an empty drawer. The TRX is perfect for getting in a quick and intense full-body workout.

Injury Prevention

6. TriggerPoint Foam Massage Ball – These compact balls massage and stretch worn out muscles. Ideal for any cool down routine.

7. Outch Extra Strength Roll-On – Our CBD combined with menthol, camphor, and other holistic goodness is quintessential to injury prevention and belongs in your home gym.