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Tough Mudding with Outch

A few weeks ago, our Outch team participated in a Tough Mudder competition, right here in Colorado. We had a blast, but let me tell you, we were so sore post-race. No amount of training will prepare you for crawling through mud underneath barb wire or swinging across bars above water. Ouch! 

Many of us love to push our bodies to the limit. Sometimes we recover quickly, and sometimes it takes some time to bring our bodies back again. Here are some types to help with recovery post-activity:

  • REST, some athletes will jump right back into the saddle post race. Your body has been pushed and needs to recover. Did you know 68% of ultra-marathon finishers suffer a respiratory infection post event? Take care of yourself.​​

  • Drink a lot of fluids and eat healthy post-race. After exerting a bunch of energy, appetites can be ravenous, resulting in poor food choices. A dozen donuts might sound delicious, but trust us, your body will be mighty angry after consuming a sugar loaded treat. Some athletes follow the OFM strategy of eating high fat and low carb post-race to speed up recovery. Eat a lot of clean fruits, veggies, and protein post-race. 

  • Replace your strenuous training routine with yoga, or meditation for a few days or weeks post-race. Again, your muscles, hormones, tendons, and cells have been pushed to the limit, treat them nicely. 

  • Use a product like Outch that contains healing properties like CBD, and Chinese herbs to help with will help with muscle fatigue, inflammation, and muscle spasms. 

Whether you're running a 5K or an ultra marathon, remember to take care of yourself and have fun! On a less serious note; have you ever seen a temporary tattoo this large before? We may have ordered a few more. Any suggestions on where we should take our Outch team next?