• Outch Poet

Shaking Up 2019 With CBD

With 2018 came the passing of the farm bill – legalizing industrial hemp. One question on everyone’s mind as 2019 kicks off is what will CBD look like this year? Will 2019 be the year of CBD, will the two landmark developments of 2018 make it easier for adults to satisfy their appetite for CBD in 2019, or will the CBD craze die down and become a memory of 2018?

New year, same craze. The market is projecting that 2019 will in fact be the year of CBD. With funding increasing many brand's marketing efforts and more public awareness, the CBD craze is just beginning. So, what does this mean for buyers, suppliers, and states?

1.States will now have to create their own regulatory frameworks to be approved by the USDA in order to accommodate for the new farm bill. Some states, like our home Colorado, will need to plan for significant expansions to their hemp and CBD operations in order to meet projected demands.

2. Brands like Outch, have already begun to accommodate for an influx of CBD fans, as well as newbies. Starting this month, we will be introducing a new series to our social media plan – CBD 101. This intends to inform our Outch Enthusiasts and newcomers about CBD, it’s benefits, and its uses. You can find it on our Instagram @OutchOintment.

3. As for buyers, the market is at your beck and call. It's 2019 and CBD can be found in everything from sparkling water to chocolates each brand hoping to become an antidote for modern times. It is your job, as the buyer, to chose which path to CBD is the right one for you. Be sure to do your research in order to find a company that not only provides the CBD you need, but aligns with your values as well. As for Outch, we will always be here to alleviate your aches and pains.