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Raise Your Hand if You're a Momma

Do we have any moms in the house? Do any of you suffer from chronic wrist pain? I mean, you're only lugging your 15+ pound child around in their bucket seat where ever you go. What could go wrong? This pain is a real condition called De Quervain's syndrome. The pain is caused by strained and inflamed tendons that run along the thumb to the wrist. The pain is initially caused from holding the child's head while feeding, or simply carrying your little muffin around. 

What's a mom to do? The first thing we recommend is to use some sort of ergonomic carrier to help support your back, arms and neck. There are a lot of options out there, but make sure to secure your child as close as possible to ensure you are not leaning back too much. We know that this option is not going to be available at all times but try to use a carrier as much as possible. 

Okay, so you have some discomfort in your wrist and want to know how to make it better. One way to combat aches and pains is to stretch the tendon by turning your arm palm facing up and pushing your fingers away from your body, and then reverse. With the palm facing down, push the fingers down towards your body. Also, work on strengthening the wrist by holding a plank position. If the traditional plank position puts too much pressure on your wrists, make a fist for additional support.

Lastly, while the wrist is inflamed and painful, use Outch Ointment every two hours to reduce inflammation and pain. Mommin' isn't easy, so we want to give an extra gift to all the wonderful moms out there. During your next order, save 10% by using promo code: MOMMIN