• Outch Poet

Props to Pops

We are about to overgeneralize here, so please excuse if we offend, but we’ve found fathers haven’t quite reached the level of expert in self-care that moms have. They just haven’t gotten near as comfortable with their spa days and wine subscriptions - which is all fine and good, but it makes gift giving as a thank you for all you’ve done a bit harder.

See, if you’re half as lucky as us (which is pretty freakin’ lucky), and you’re aware of the season, then your dad rocks and you want to show him how much you appreciate him on Father’s Day.

If you’re feeling a bit stuck, We have 5 questions to help guide you to that perfect Dad’s Day Gift.

1. What Has He Taught You?

This is our go to. Because it’s one thing we will always have in common, and, on occasion, I can be better at it than him...it’s a rare occasion, but still.

Some examples:

Did he teach you how to play football? Maybe get him tickets for a team you watched together or a jersey.

Did he teach you how to do woodworking? Get him an engraved hammer or, even better, an engraved screwdriver that says something along the lines of “I heard you had a few screws loose”. Dads love puns.

Maybe he taught you how to drive. If he’s still in his car frequently for a commute or just to putz around the town, you’ve got a ton of options: a lumbar supporter for his back, an audible gift card for his brain, or fuzzy dice just for giggles. (More seriously, car shampoo - I swear by this stuff and my Dad always appreciates a clean car. BONUS: Wash the car for him).

2. Is It Practical?

As we get wiser, we also get more practical with the gifts we ask for. Maybe your pops falls under this category. If so think of what he actually needs and will use, even if it’s not a glamorous gift. Here are some staples:

  • Socks (Dress or sport - Wool socks are especially handy if your a northerner)

  • Good cooking spices - steak rubs and Indian spices are my personal favorites

  • Speaking of food - charcoal, meat, and beer - I recommended this for Mother’s Day, but there’s something nice about going over and cooking your Dad a meal. Maybe add some sort of vegetable in there...even if it’s just corn.

  • Car shampoo - yes this can fall under TWO categories.

  • A nice bathrobe - there is not greater, simple luxury than a fluffy, easy-to-clean bathrobe.

What’s his day-to-day like?

First off, if you don’t know, then you should hop on the phone or scurry over and figure it out! Start from the morning and work your way to lights-out.

  • A bag of his go-to coffee and a nice thermos

  • A snazzy tie

  • His favorite candy-bar (this is clearly his after lunch dessert)

  • A fountain pen and legal pads

  • A padfolio

  • A book or calendar filled with Dad jokes - this is only appreciated if he actually tells dad jokes

  • A Quip toothbrush

  • Slippers

How’s His Health?

If your dad is anything like ours, he probably won’t discuss it with you, but that doesn’t mean it’s something you shouldn’t discuss. Ask your mom, his siblings, or straight up just ask him if it won’t stir the pot too much and consider the following:

  • Outch Ointment - because this will help with the gamut of pain issues: arthritis, muscle aches, joint pain, sports injuries, you name it!

  • A vitamin subscription - especially if he’s skipping on his vegetables

  • A foam roller and a quick video on how to use it

  • Sunscreen - I know, I know, this sounds terribly mundane, but your skin is the largest organ and you best be sure you’re taking care of it!

What is he interested in?

This is 100% going to range pop to father. Maybe your dad can go on and on about water purity for hours. Or likes to jam out to Halsey’s “Bad at Love” song.

The only guidance we can give for this question is to think of something your dad loves or does that makes you smile and roll your eyes a bit. That thing that makes him 100% unique and your awesome dad, find a gift that brings it out in him and he’ll be sure to feel the love.