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Gifts For All Types Of Moms

Is there even such a thing as a mom-themed gift? Some moms are in their 20s, while others are in their 70s. Some moms like to hike. Some prefer gardening. Coming up with with the crème de la crème (for the crème de la crème) is an impossible task. So, we’ll give it our best shot, with the hope that we spark some gift giving joy.

For the mom who has read all of the NYT best-sellers

“Daily Rituals: Women at Work” by Mason Currey

If she hasn’t already read it, give her the gift of creative wisdom. Currey offers 143 vibrant depictions of the rules and routines of creative women.

For the mom with a green thumb

Veg Ledge – Window Garden

She can eat them, admire them, and breathe their healthy air. Let’s be honest, the Veg Ledge is perfect for anyone with a green thumb.

For the mom who doesn’t let a few aches and pains get in her way

Extra Strength Salve – Outch Ointment

Give your mom the gift of relief. Let her knock out those aches and pains for good with Outch’s Extra Strength Salve.

For the mom who’s into gut health and flawless skin

Skin food + prebiotic – The Nue Co.

This baby delivers 122% of your recommended daily Vitamin C intake in one serving. Additionally, it provides good bacteria to your gut and that also heals your skin from the inside.

For the no waste mom

The FoodCycler – FoodCycler

Odorless. Easy to use. Environmentally friendly. In-home composting. What else do we need to say? In as little as 3 hours, kitchen scraps can be reduced into nutrient-rich soil! Perfect for the no-waster in your life.

For the minimalist mom

Lip + Cheek Stain – Fat and the Moon

A little dab of this stuff delivers just the right dose of color. While we all know your mom doesn't need any makeup, but anyone would be happy with a little more beetroot and beeswax in their life.