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Incorporating CBD Into Your Daily Routine

If you read our blog post CBD 101, then you already know the basics of what CBD is, the different ways to consume it, and how it can help you. You may also know, we at Outch, love using our Ointment and Roll On after a long workout or whenever we’re feeling a touch achier, but what if you want to benefit from CBD products all day long?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


Picture this:

You’ve woken up late, somehow your alarm didn’t go off or the kids magically slept in, and you’re feeling frazzled. You already know you’ve got a lot to accomplish today, and it doesn’t help that you slept on your neck funny (this may or may not be a more routine morning for me than I’d like).

You’re mentally going through your day’s checklist when you rush to the bathroom to get ready. Your teeth are brushed, your hair is...well...you slept in it wet last night so it’s doing some things. It’s a good thing you have that cool hat that you just bought.

You don’t have time for a full face of makeup (this goes for the gents, too - everyone has blemishes, there’s nothing wrong with some cover-up). So you reach for your CBD Serum to give your face that healthy, youthful glow. If it’s from Fromever Since, you know it’s organic and you know it’s going to smooth out those fine smile lines you’ve earned.

You look in the mirror and you’re looking good, especially with that cool hat and fancy face, and you’re feeling better.

As you run out of the house, you grab your caffeine drink of choice (unless you don’t drink caffeine - major kudos to you) and a little extra something. It’s a Charlotte’s Web product: either the extract oil to add to your tea/coffee or the CBD capsule. Because you know you’re going to need a bit of help getting your zen on, and their products are perfect for managing daily stress and calming down.


Works done! You made it through! And you’ve just finished with the gym. Look how productive your day was!

You pushed yourself hard today, and your bed-neck pain hasn’t quite gone away. This is the perfect time to bust out your Outch Ointment stick and roll on the CBD ointment to kick that pain on your neck, back, joints, or whatever other location you may have overworked so you can properly celebrate a day well-done.


You breathe a sigh of relief with the water steaming up all around you. You reach for your CBD infused scrub on your shower ledge. Maybe it’s the Blue Ridge Hemp Co. CBD Infused Turmeric & Neem Scrub. Maybe it’s not. You start exfoliating and feel yourself unwinding a bit.

Maybe you really want to treat yourself, so you diffuse a beautiful CBD bath bomb meant to take the edge off your joint pain and truly unwind.

By the time you crawl into bed, you’re feeling like a winner. Sure the day started out a bit rocky, but you walked into work looking great and feeling calm; returned home having worked out and already addressed any joint pain; and wound down through a great self-care ritual, all with the help of CBD.

Maybe tonight you’ll remember to set your alarm, so you can do it all over again, but with a bit less stress than this hypothetical morning.