• Outch Poet

Feeling Like a Bobble Head?

Ever have a pain in your neck that feels like it developed overnight? This is a common complaint our practitioners hear from patients. Although it feels like the pain developed overnight, most of the time, the pain has been brewing for a while.  

So what are some biomechanics that lead to a grumpy neck? 

— Bad posture

— Tension and stress

— Weak abdominal muscles

— Use of a horrible pillow

Nagging neck pain can be dealt with through movement, slow range exercises (moving the neck side-to-side and up-and-down), buying a new pillow, strengthening abs and lower back, and most importantly, apply Outch Ointment on your neck before bed and soon after bathing. 

Don't be afraid to move your neck around to battle discomfort. We like to tell people to move it or lose it!