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CBD and Athletes - Is This the New Alternative to Traditional Painkillers?

More and more athletes are using CBD to enhance their workouts. The growing number of athletes that use CBD say it increases focus, reduces muscle spasms, helps with pain and inflammation, increases lung capacity, creates a faster recovery period, and boosts their quality of sleep. Gone are the days of the stereotypical stoner setting on their couch eating potato chips and giggling. Because guess what? CBD oil does not cause psychoactive effects commonly associated with marijuana, and athletes are using CBD products to enhance performance and address pain.

As we continue to be slapped in the face with news headlines featuring unfavorable behavior and death caused by opioid abuse throughout the United States, a growing number of CBD proponents cite numerous studies that show how CBD products produce fewer side effects than traditional painkillers like Codeine, Hydrocodone or Oxycodone. Even over-the-counter pain relief remedies such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin or Acetaminophen can lead to organ damage if used in excess.

So which athletes have hopped on the CBD train? Olympian Ross Rebagliati has a whole workout routine that includes CBD in many forms. Retired Denver Bronco Jake Plummer is a proponent of using CBD as a way to battle pain. He recently turned to CBD oil as an alternative to traditional painkillers for his persistent headaches. He, along with Tennessee Titan linebacker Derrick Morgan, is hoping to convince the NFL that the use of CBD oil may be a way to combat the head and brain injuries that are all too common in the sport of football. While the NFL is not on board yet, saying that more research is needed, they have assembled a committee to look into alternative medicines for the management of pain.

At some point in time, all athletes will require intervention to help manage pain. The goal should be to minimize the use of addictive and damaging pain remedies and start treatments like acupuncture, physical therapy exercises, massage, and REST. CBD is certainly not going to cure all ailments. But is a nice addition to other preventative techniques. Next time you are feeling overtrained, turn to what many athletes call their miracle training toolCBD.