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CBD 101 - What the Heck is it?

If you’re not asking this question, it’s because you’re either in the know (good on you!), or catching up to the trend train (welcome aboard!).

So I don’t lose you, we’re going to go way back to the basics.

Hemp vs. Cannabis or CBD vs. THC if that’s your preferred acronym

Hemp, while still considered a (gasp) drug, is widely more accepted than its marijuana budding counterpart. The plant has been regulated and cultivated to have no more than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and is primarily used to create other products.

PSAs and D.A.R.E. have taught us what Marijuana is used for - debauchery, giggling, and munchies. Put more scientifically, Marijuana has a higher THC level, around 10% - 25%, and will deliver the psychoactive effects some people desire.

What does this have to do with CBD?

Cannabidiol, or as it’s more commonly known - CBD, is a compound found in the cannabis sativa strains and hemp plants. Unlike its psychoactive cousin, THC, it won’t get you high. However, CBD derived from hemp is different than CBD derived from cannabis.

A majority of the 50 states allow distribution and consumption of products containing hemp CBD; however, it never hurts to check your specific state’s laws in regards to CBD to be safe.

Why should I bother using it?

First off, that’s a ridiculous question. Second off, I wrote the question and told myself off so you would feel better if you actually were thinking that.

CBD has multiple benefits, and many of them depend on the way the CBD is carried.

CBD lotion or salve is known to alleviate aches and pains and reduce inflammation. This relief isn’t limited to individuals with chronic, life-long pain. This can help those with arthritis during a flare-up, athletes who skipped the ice bath or are in intensive training, even high-heel wearers who use it as remedy to sore soles after a night out.

Gummies, Gwyneth Paltrow’s CBD cocktails, and CBD oil can stabilize your mental health: from simply reducing stress, to mitigating anxiety, or managing substance abuse. Though more studies must be conducted to fully understand the benefits, many subjects have already found CBD to improve their welfare.

It’s also been used in a variety of beauty products like face moisturizer, masks, and other serums. The large appeal of this new beauty trend is to tighten skin, diminish signs of aging, and prevent acne. Again, while there haven’t been a ton of studies, there’ve been enough articles and reviews posted by beauty bloggers and fashion magazines, like Marie Claire’s “I Used CBD-Infused Beauty Products for a Month, and It Was Actually Freaking Amazing” that even the New York Times has taken a look into CBD beauty products.

So where can I get it?

Much better question!

CBD products are popping up all over the country. You can shop online, check out your local grocer, or your neighborhood to see if you have a local CBD shop. OR you can check out our SHOP and order one of our products. We may be biased, but think it’s pretty fantastic stuff.

In fact, the only thing we love more than our products is how much it’s been helping people. And if you’re having any aches or pains, we highly recommend our ointment or roll on. But we get that our ointment offers only a few of the many benefits. If you’re looking for tinctures or beauty products to target mental wellness or aging, we have

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So, now that you’re “in the know” go out into the world and make informed decisions. Educate the layman. Drop some knowledge on your friends. And enjoy the many benefits CBD has to offer.