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4 Gifts The Outch Team Are Giving This Year

Holiday gift-giving is easier said than done. What do you give your mother this year that’s different from last year (and the 5 years before that)? How about the friend who has listened to all of your 2018 venting? Surely, they deserve a little something. Here, our Outch team shares what they’re planning to give, and hopefully receive, to get your gift ideas flowing.

Restore-Hemp Oil Infused Coffee

“If your loved ones anything like me, they drink copious, ungodly, amounts of coffee in the morning (preferably before 7am). If they’re really anything like me, they experience some anxiety after their caffeine binge. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I discovered local roaster, Strava’s hemp-oil infused coffee. Not only is the coffee exceptional, but it provides a healthy dosage of full-spectrum organic hemp oil. This full-bodied cup will help you start your day with a smile, feel alert, focused, and jitter-free. Not to mention, it’s a great way to introduce a little extra CBD into your wellness routine.” – Katie White, Social Media Manager

Cooling Eye Mast for Puffy Eyes, Allergies, Sinuses

“Between Outch and my practice, I do not get much sleep. In an effort to not look like a zombie on a day to day basis, I treat the dark circles under my eyes with MediViz’s cold eye compress. It is filled with massage beads that never stick together no matter how long you freeze the mask. I pop this baby in the freezer two hours before I go to bed and then sit back and relax while it works its magic.” – Brian Bowen, Co-Founder

MyCommunity Comprehensive Immune Support

“Don’t let the thought of medicinal mushrooms scare you or a loved one off! Take a deep breath and stay with me here. Mushrooms are good for you! There’s a reason why medicinal mushrooms have been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years – because they work. This year, give the gift of medicinal mushrooms to that special person in your life who could use a brain booster or some hormone help.” Brandy Whalen, Co-Founder

F+Y Facial Serum

“This is a great gift for that special somebody who is vehemently against Botox but likes the idea of reparative skin. Just a few golden drops of F+Y’s facial serum delivers exceptional skin-enhancing benefits. I use this their serum daily and can say that it works wonders. Plus, Fig and Yarrow are Denver locals, so get out there and support a local business.” Mel Cross, VP of Sales